Sunrise with the Burgess Family

The last day of summer was incredible. The weather was phenomenal, and apparently so was the surf. Everyone in Wrightsville that loves the outdoors was probably on Wrightsville Beach last Thursday. So my anxiety was at its peak about available parking for all my sweet clients for the End-of-Summer 15 minute mini sessions. But thank the heavens, I think I was the only one who ended up having to run a mile down Lumina Ave from my parking space to the South end so I was HAPPY about that. The day started out with the most exquisite sunrise with the Burgesses who honestly I admire so much— their parenting inspires me because Mehegan and Justin's little girls are amazing—they listen, snuggle and laugh so much. The perfect trifecta.

The Beam Family

Okay, have you ever seen so much gorgeous hair? I had the pleasure of photographing these siblings last year for these minis and they were also such a delight to photo. They did so well getting some together and separate and even held hands!! That's a true accomplishment for their age. Another award for their mama and daddy.

The Owen Family

Okay, as a mama to a little girl...I've gotta say I'm a sucker for sweet little girls. Especially ones who are close. Nothing like a forever best friend to explore a beautiful beach with. These girls just frolicked the whole morning and also welcomed their 6 week old sister recently (photos of baby not shared for privacy) so they are about to have even more sisterly love.

The Brooks Family

I honestly might be secretly proud of this one the most because it was FOUR kids and their mama and guess what, in fifteen minutes, we were able to get 15 shots of ALL kids happy and looking at camera. I mean, that is a personal accomplishment in my eyes, especially since this was their first time meeting me, so I was an unfamiliar face. They just rocked it. Their mama Stephanie has it all figured out.

The MacDaniel family

This family has my whole heart. We've been in eachother's lives since Visuals By Helen was established in 2014 and I was doing their first born son's photos on a tractor in Eastern NC because I didn't even live in Wilmington yet. Now here we are, two more kids later, sharing the sweetest laughs in a stunning place we both call home. These boys are gems. I secretly hope my daughter marries one of them. They are incredible little humans that will grow up to be just like their parents I can already tell.

The Roy Family

Last but CERTAINLY not least...Meredith and Sam got married two years ago at the Surf Club in Wrightsville Beach, but South end was extra special for them because that's where they got engaged AND did their engagement photos. So it was only natural to photo the next sweetest milestone...a baby on the way! They are keeping the sex of the baby a surprise and I am just dying to find out! Only a few more weeks. Sending so much love and prayers to The Roys, soon to be family of three.


This is me sending my upmost thanks to all these amazing families and all the ones who couldn't make it at the last minute due to unforeseen circumstances. I see you pressing pause on your growing families and am proud of you for taking the time to do it. Life is so busy and you managed to take a breath and let me get some shots of your amazing families in just fifteen minutes. Until next time.