When in doubt, bury bourbon.

Today's blog post features a sneak peek collection of an insanely gorgeous wedding for Anna and Daniel in Oak City last weekend! Pro tip: Bury bourbon a month before the wedding at the venue and you’ll be rain-free. I have yet to have a wedding that rained if the couple buried bourbon! (Jess and I buried a bottle in 2018 too and it called for rain all day of our wedding day and we didn’t get a single drop). I love a romantic rainy wedding too though but it’s wild how wedding traditions seem to work sometimes! My associate Rachael and I had the best time capturing all the details of Anna and Daniel’s sensational day and by the nights end…every guest didn’t want to leave! Says a lot about how loved they are• Congratulations to the Taylors!! ❤️❤️

Dream Team:

Ceremony Venue: Oak City Baptist Church

Reception Venue: Anna’s childhood home

Catering: @theacreageevents

Decor/Flowers: @theacreageevents

Coordination: @theacreageevents

Band: @thebandofoz

Video: @jcfilmsllc

Cake: @cakesbybeckync

Photo: @visuals_by_helen and associate Rachael Hyde