A beach boy in the making.

Flay was born on March 3rd and his parents had NO idea if he was going to be a boy or girl! I love it when parents can hold onto the suspense for 9 months. Flay also made his debut backwards! (Breech). It is so common for breech babies to be female so I think they were really surprised that their little bundle came out the opposite! Our daughter was also breech as well, (which means a baby has their feet or bottom is first in the uterus) so us mamas kind of shared that little bit of fun about our babes. It is something that is completely out of our control and most times doctors recommend a c-section to avoid any complications so that is what they did for Flay's birth — I am so proud of Flay's mama for going in bravely with her sweet hubby and delivering the most gorgeous little boy.

Flay's mom and dad, Lauren and John John just wanted to do a few photos of just him and their pup, Airlie, at their gorgeous cottage in Wrightsville Beach, NC. Lauren and John John were so humble about not wanting their own photo taken, but I insisted because this time is fleeting! Their boy was only a week old at the time of these photos and he wasn't getting any younger! It was amazing to also meet his grandmama and great mama for a generations photo towards the end of the shoot.

Congratulations to the Gardners for officially becoming a family of three (well four if you count Airlie).

Flay, you are so loved already!