Nine months in. Nine months out!

Nine months is a magical number in the parent world. Every pregnancy journey is different but it usually takes about nine months to grow a tiny human inside of mama's belly, so when mama's have that little human in their life for nine months after birth—it's a special moment. The new parent anxiety is absolved a bit by this point and it's easier by the day. It's also a huge milestone for the baby's personality— I mean it realllly starts to shine. Not only that—they start to, babble, and respond to you in their own little ways.

George was no exception— he was rockin' and rollin' which is the step right before crawling and his mama Claire was so proud of him... as she should be. I was proud of him. Babies work so hard to grow and are so determined when they get to these milestones. It was an honor to do this mommy-and-me mini session right in his very first childhood bedroom. This little nook of natural light was garnished with all the nautical things which was totally fitting as his daddy is in the marine industry. This lil fella was in such a good mood all morning, charmin' us ladies as we breezed through this 30 minute lifestyle portrait session. It may have been because we timed it after his morning nap, it may have been because he was showing off, but the fact of the matter is that these images are proof that babies are beautiful miracles. Thanks Claire and George for this sweet session, it was amazing to press pause on this fleeting milestone right here in Wilmington, NC.