There's something magical about watching your first sunrise with someone you just married less than 12 hours ago. This was Kenzie and Micah.

Kenzie and Micah had a destination wedding so imagine that intensity of planning, travel, and family coordination that comes with it and they just channeled that into this amazing energy towards each other the entire weekend. They Never. Stopped. Smiling. Not just the smile-for-the-photos-smile. A genuine, mile-wide smile that hurt them for hours because they couldn't believe it. They couldn't believe they had each other forever now. They had an intimate, soulful and barefoot wedding ceremony at Shell Island Resort and they wanted to ride the newlywed high at such a beautiful place so it was only fitting that they wanted a "trash-the-dress" session right out their back door. All they had to do throw on the same clothes, wrap up in a blanket until it was time to soak in their first sunrise as man and wife. They were cuddling and playing to keep each other warm during the chilly temps which honestly made the photos that much more authentic.

It's been about 8 years since my last trash-the-dress session on the Outer Banks so I have to say, this was well worth the wait. Congratulations to this STUNNING couple. Thanks for a swell weekend (pun intended).