Peyton is 2.5 and totally serious about it!

This is the most fun stage of parenting yet. Seeing our little girl blossom into so much personality and speaking new words every day. She makes us giggle with things like "Mommy's boobies!" and "Let's pray hideseeking mommy!" and "Yellow bunny needs a diaper," and "Let's go all my frands." It's been a joy for us to watch her grow up and we feel so so so stinking lucky to be her mama and daddy. I wanted to share an update of our family portraits beautifully captured by one of my photographer friends who sometimes associates with me for weddings: Brittany Castillo (photos were edited by me). We traded capturing each other's family photos and got them done early at 7am by Oceanic Restaurant / The Crystal Pier and we were already sweating. Don't ask me why I thought it was a good idea to wear a long sleeved dress in the thick of the summer but I felt pretty enough in it after waking up to an eye infection that morning! Jess is handsomely dressed by a local men's boutique called Gentlemen's Corner and my dress was borrowed from my long time friend and talented jewelry designer from Charlotte Erin McDermott. Peyton's dress was gifted by her godmother (love you K) so I don't know where it's from I'm sorry! Earrings are from another friend of mine who looks like a real life barbie Smith & Co Jewel Design.

**This post is not an ad, just showing off all these incredible businesses that I think you should get to know!**

Thanks for following along as always. This small business couldn't have made it with your support!