Five Kids. Five Personalities. Five Star Session.

The Fetzers thrived during this short 'n sweet family portrait session in their back yard oasis of their Wilmington, NC home. I am still amazed at how phenomenally behaved all the kids were with each other. We got a mixture of photos of each of them individually, of them all together, the girls and the boys and even some of mom and dad. Everyone had the spotlight for a minute, which made everyone feel special —which does wonders for tween self-confidence! I can't thank this family enough for the sweetest evening together in June. Be sure to see the photo series at the end of this collection.... Goes to tell you that you can have a blast during family portraits!

Died laughing at how silly and fun these kids were...These memories are what parents want to remember!

Told everyone to give me a sliver of each of their personalities and this is where we landed! Laughed so hard!

Ended this photo session getting wet - and - wild... The kids jumped into the pool! Loved that their mom said they would get rewarded with a fun shot at the end if they "behaved" for photos. But if we're being honest, they didn't even need motivation, they were so amazing all on their own! Kudos to their parents for a job well done on their parenting.

ready, get set, go!