Okay. This may seem like a self-brag, but it's 100% true. I introduced Thornton + Brewer. I played real-life matchmaker and now these two amazing humans are getting married and my heart can't take it.

Brewer invited my husband, Jess and me on a party bus ride to downtown Wilmington for his thirtieth birthday a couple of years ago. He had his whole family on the bus along with some of his close friends. In past hang outs with Brewer, he was noticing all his friends being mostly coupled off, he would jokingly make little comments to me like, "You have to set me up with one of your friends Helen." And he didn't realize I'd actually make that happen on the bus ride to his birthday dinner. I immediately thought of Thornton because I knew she could handle meeting a guy and his whole family on the first date. She is confident, beautiful and I also knew she lived in Wilmington and planned on staying —a criteria for both of them. Here I was texting Thornton, asking what her plans are at the last minute, I wasn't hopeful, but 30 minutes later, she said she'll take a chance. Brewer charmed her and she charmed not only him but his whole family. On his 30th birthday, he met his future wife. Have you ever heard of such a cute how-we-met story? So with that all in mind, it was an absolute honor when they reached out about doing their engagement photos at Cape Fear Country Club in Wilmington, NC. This was the perfect spot for four reasons:

  1. It is where they are getting married and having their reception.
  2. Brewer is an incredible golfer and frequents the course often.
  3. You could throw a rock to Thornton's childhood home from there.
  4. Thornton + Brewer just purchased their first home in the neighborhood.

B+T, Jess and I love you both and can't wait to celebrate you next year.

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