Hope and Ramel met as co-workers

while employed at a tv news station in Wilmington so when Hope left for another job, Ramel saw his chance to admit his attraction towards Hope since it was no longer "taboo" and asked her out on a date. Now, here they are a year and a half later, engaged to be wed! That's how much chemistry they had— that they knew instantly that life together was it. They are actually getting married on my birthday this year! Can you imagine how excited I am to celebrate love on my birthday? December 4th is going to be a special day. I'm so grateful these two took a chance and reached out to a stranger on Wedding Wire because we had an amazing time during their downtown historic Wilmington, NC engagement session.

An hour before sunset, it was a smidge bright so we started photos more inland where the buildings blocked the sun a bit and worked our way out towards the gorgeous riverfront boardwalk for sunset. It is as picturesque as it sounds, a boardwalk that overlooks the USS battleship, cypress trees, riverboats and sailboats, and still water painted with natural wildlife, mallards, geese, you name it. I asked them if they had a hot date lined up after our photo session since they were already dressed to the nines and Hope said Ramel made her this delicious Alfredo pasta dish beforehand so they can relax afterward. Y'all, the man can cook and dote on his fiance in the span of two hours! No wonder Hope is as happy as she seems in all these photos. So so excited for the gorgeous couple and look forward to celebrating them both at the Embassy Suites at the Hilton in downtown Wilmington. The Embassy has an amazing rooftop bar so I'm already picturing sunset photos in the sky!

Congratulations to Hope and Ramel for finding each other and savoring every minute. Here's a collection of photos from their engagement session last month.

I under exposed this photo intentionally during edits because I just love how the setting sun hits in various places but they still glow with that emotion.

Cool fun fact: Hope worked as a news producer and Ramel is a meteorologist so they both know how to work the camera! They were so easy to capture in the middle of their flirtation by just being themselves!