Okay what happens when you want to photo 13 adults and 6 children with an impending thunderstorm heading your way?

MAKE THE MOST OF IT! It was absolutely magical photographing the Moomaw's annual family reunion in Wrightsville Beach last month. The "grandparents" of the family (if you can even call it that because they are the young kind of grandparents) had six children and all of them now have their own families. So needless to say, the photo session was pretty much 10/15 mins with each family or couple and honestly it ended up being the perfect amount of time. When we first started, it was five o'clock and extremely bright and windy, but right before the intense lightning showed up, it gave us some magical purple sky photos. You'll definitely notice it as you scroll through this collection of photos.

I'm so grateful to this #VES family for reaching out for this special salty memory! (Many of us are alumns of the same high school in Virginia). Go Bishops!

The OGs (Originals) featuring two amazing parents and all six of their children!

Three girls, and three boys. WOW, what lucky parents to make so many amazing humans!